Friday, October 10, 2008


Doesn't this look inviting? Would you like to be in one of these chairs? Life moves so fast and sometimes we want to just call Time Out and take a break from it all. Recently I have been asked to do two seminars, one for teenagers in Florida, and the other for couples in Tennessee using the theme...Simplify. Karl Barth (pronounced Bart) was one of the greatest Christian thinkers of the Twentieth Century. He was invited to speak at the University of Chicago. When Q&A time came he was asked what he considered to be the most profound Theological Truth. He thought for a minute and then said, "Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so." Many times we make it too hard. We need to slow down, step back, take a break, reflect and when we do we may discover the simple truth of God's love for us. Take a moment and pretend you are in that chair and that Jesus is in the other one. If you could only say one thing what would it be. I would like to guess what it is you decided to say to Christ. I think it would be ...I Love You. Why don't you tell Him right now? He is closer to you than your next breath.

Jeff Nichols


  1. Yes, every morning! Each day this devotional starts my day out & sometimes directs my morning bible study. Your hard work as well as the others writing these devo's is very much appreciated.