Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life is a Marathon not a Sprint

Ecclesiastes 9:11 This verse tells us that the race does not always go to the swift.
We live in an instant society. Instant Grits,Oatmeal,Potatoes,Rice,Internet, Communications, Dry Cleaning, Financing, etc. We want everything fast. You go to the grocery store you look and see which line is moving the fastest. If you are really bad (you know who you are) you look at the cashiers and evaluate their ability to check you out fast. You get the idea. But, the Bible is clear that life is a Marathon and not a Sprint.
Hebrews 12:1 This verse tells us we must run with endurance the race that is set before us. This means it is a long race and the race does not always go to the swift. Sometimes we fall down along the way. We have time to get back up and do as the Apostle Paul said...finish well. No one cares who is winning after 8 innings, three quarters, 499 miles of a 500 mile race. The race goes goes to the person who hangs in there. The one who falls and gets back up. The person that gives everything all the way to the finish line. So, if you have Fallen behind, Fallen down, Dropped out, or are just Plain Tired. Keep going its not over yet.
I was looking at the picture of this guy crossing the road thinking wow he is slow but then I thought ...when I am riding down the road do I see more deer or turtles that have been run over. Hmmmmm? So be like the turtle, steady, focused, and remember, in order for him to get anywhere he has to stick his neck out. See you at the Finish Line.
Jeff Nichols

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  1. Ok, I admit it, I evaluate the cashier's ability before stepping in line. However, its the times that I've been wrong about their ability and accidently end up with the one who takes her time that I've realized, she's not slow, she's just figured out how to stop and smell the roses. She's usually the one that seems to care to chat for a second and makes recommendations on sale items and such. She's also the one that doesn't leave items out of my bag and takes the time to double bag the heavy stuff. So in the long run, the slow one probably saves me more time later! I'm trying harder to be more of a marathon runner and less of a sprinter.