Thursday, October 16, 2008

Let Us Pray

It may be interesting to know that the only thing the Disciples ever asked Jesus to teach them was, how to Pray. If it was me I would have asked Him to teach me how to walk on water, raise the dead, feed 5000 with only two small fish and a few barley loaves. But in Luke 11:1 they asked Jesus to teach them how to Pray. It must be important, very important. I heard someone say once there are two times to pray; When you feel like it and ,When you don't. I hope you set aside a time each day to pray. My wife and I pray each night before going to bed. We never miss. Even if we are tired no matter where we are , we pray. Thessalonians says we should Pray Without Ceasing. Why don't you take the time right now to pray. You will find it makes a difference for the person or the situation you are praying for. But, to tell you the truth the biggest difference praying makes is in you.

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