Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Bend in the Road

There are times in life when we feel we have reached the end of the road. It might be in relation to a marriage,a relationship,a job, even life. The Bible is full of stories where people thought they had reached the end of their road only to find out it was not the end of the road but a Bend in the road. For example... there is Paul on the Damascus Road, the two disciples on the Emmaus Road, Christ on the road to the cross and then the tomb. I am sure Lazarus and his sisters thought he had reached the end of his road. But, it was just a bend in the road. So, take heart no matter what you are facing, no matter how dark it appears, when you think there is no where else to turn, God provides a WAY. As a matter of fact Jesus in John 14:6 claims to be the Way. There is an amazing poem by Helen Steiner Rice that explains this much more eloquently than I ever could.

The Bend in the Road
Author: Helen Steiner Rice

Sometimes we come to life's crossroads
And we view what we think is the end.
But God has a much wider vision
And he knows that it's only a bend-

The road will go on and get smoother
And after we've stopped for a rest,
The path that lies hidden beyond us
Is often the path that is best.

So rest and relax and grow stronger,
Let go and let God share your load
And have faith in a brighter tomorrow-
You've just come to a bend in the road.

( Photo by: Corliss Sinclair)
Poem By: Helen Steiner Rice
Devotion by: Jeff Nichols
Inspiration by: God

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