Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prayer of Jabez

This prayer will be the focus of my Bible Study tonight at our Church, Anchor Baptist Church. The Bible Study begins at 6:45pm. If you would like to attend and do not know the way I will provide my e-mail below or you can check our web-site, Each person who attends the study receives one of the Prayer of Jabez books. So why is this so important? It is not because it is a recited prayer promising to bless your life if you say it. So what is the secret? Well, the attitude of a persons heart is the key but the prayer does several things for us. First it places our focus on God. That is where our focus should be everyday. There are basically four parts to the prayer. Collectively these four points move us in the direction of fellowshipping with God on a daily basis and seeing things from His perspective. This is what we were created for. That we would know God and make Him known. If you want the details of the verses I will see you tonight. I have had three people call me this week and tell me the prayer has changed their life. A life changing event moving us closer to God and His Will for our lives. Who would want to miss that? Also a lady in our Church Pam Williams will be singing a solo entitled "He'll Do It Again" It would be worth attending just to hear the song.

Check out the prayer. It is printed for you in the box above. Read it, think about it, pray it.

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