Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jesus is the Bridge

What a beautiful setting. But, what if you had to walk across this bridge? Could you do it? What if the bridge was not there and you had to jump across, could you make it? This bridge is a great picture of the divide between God and man. There is no way we could jump across. How can we get to heaven? Jesus said He was the Way in John 14:6. He does not send us across according to that passage He comes and gets us and walks us across. Psalm 23 also tells us God is with us in the Valleys of life also. It is all about trust. There was a man who had dropped his watch down a well and he was trying to retrieve it. He asked a young boy if he could tie a rope around him and lower him into the well to get the watch. He told the lad he would give him a hundred dollars to do it. The boy replied that he would do it and then took off running. The man yelled, "where are you going?" The boy shouted back, "I am going to get my father to hold the rope." Our heavenly Father will not let us fall. He will be with us in the valleys and in the difficult places of life. Who do you trust to walk you through it all?

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  1. What a great picture! Trust is such a hard concept. I am working very hard to learn to trust. God has never let me down, but some how, I think this may be the first time. I guess when people let you down,repeatedly, you think god will, also. Thanks for the reminders that God will never let us down.