Monday, November 24, 2008

Have a Voice of Thanksgiving

This week all the devotionals will be centered around the theme of Thanksgiving. Psalm 26:7 tells us we should have a voice of Thanksgiving and declare all of God's wonders. Many people begin to stress during the Holidays. They focus on all the travel, expense, logistics of who's house to be at for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It can become overwhelming if we are not careful. One of the ways to keep that from happening is to change our focus. So today let's focus on our Blessings. Get a piece of paper. You didn't do it did you. You want to hurry through the devotion and move on. That is part of the problem. Do you have a piece of paper now and something to write with? If so, write down 10 things you are grateful for. You do not have to limit yourself to 10. Share them with your family or a close friend. Focus on the Blessings today. Practice having a Voice of Thanksgiving. Your attitude will rub off on those around you, its contagious. This is only Day 1 of Thanksgiving week it's going to get better and better each day. I am thankful you read this I hope you are.

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