Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Question

Malachi 3:8-10
8 "Will a man rob God? Yet you are robbing Me! But you say, 'How have we robbed You?' In tithes and offerings. 9 "You are cursed with a curse, for you are robbing Me, the whole nation {of you!} 10 " Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test Me now in this," says the LORD of hosts, "if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows.
Does the passage or the cartoon really need any commentary? The question is not , "What does the passage say?", but rather "Will I obey?" God has blessed us with so much and yet we purchase things we do not need and then wonder why we have nothing to give back to God.

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