Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who is Your Heart Doctor?

Psalm 139:23
Look deep into my heart, God,
and find out everything
I am thinking.
As God looks into our hearts today and knows our thoughts, plans, intentions, motives, what does He find? Does He find a heart full of love or hate? Hope or despair? Forgiveness or hostility? A desire to serve God or self? Compassion or confusion? The Bible says that God knows our hearts. It also says we should serve God with all of our heart. Two years ago I had a heart attack which led to a Heart Cathe that discovered a blockage. Once the blockage was dealt with I was fine, left untreated it would have led to death. As God looks in our hearts this morning and reveals to us what is there, ask Him to deal with things that need to be removed so that we can live a productive, purposeful, content life. A life where we serve God and others. God can perform this procedure right now where you are . Ask Him to remove what needs to be removed and fill your heart with love for Him and a desire to serve others. There will be no bill for this procedure. It was already paid for at Calvary.

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