Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Anyone can Teach Someone Something

Psalm 119:130 (New Living Translation)
The teaching of your word gives light, so even the simple can understand.
What are your first impressions as you look at this picture? I will share my first impressions with you concerning these people in this photograph. I assume they are Asian and that they are fisherman and for some reason believe that they might only get by on the money they make fishing. I could be completely wrong about all of those things but I do know this, these people in this picture probably know a lot more about fishing than I do. I could learn quite a bit from them. They may also know a lot more about life than I do. The only way to find out is to meet them and talk with them. Every person you meet every day knows something you do not know. A homeless person with a third grade education could teach a PhD something about life. You do not need a degree or a teaching position to teach. All you need is a heart that cares and something to share. So, today I hope two things happen. You take the time to teach someone something and that you also take the time to allow someone to teach you. Listen to a child they can teach us a lot. Things we once knew but have forgotten over time. Children know a great deal about love, joy, the wonder of imagination, and forgiveness. Have a great day, class is in session.

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