Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Light Your World

Matthew 5:14 You are the light of the world.
We are called on as Christians to bring light to the world. There is so much darkness but we can make a difference. Think of ways today that you can bring the light of Christ to a dark world. Offer to pray with or for a friend, co-worker or complete stranger. Do something kind for someone in an anonymous way. Say an encouraging word to someone going through a dark time. Visit someone in the hospital or a nursing home. You will brighten their day. Share a favorite verse with someone who needs it. Hug someone. Tell them about this daily devotion so they can find a little light each day to guide their steps. Write to me and let me know what you did so I can be encouraged and that I might share it with others to encourage them. once you click my e-mail WAIT a moment it will come up

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  1. So I'm a little late reading the devotions. Someone I know today was hurting over an old relationship. I was thinking too hard to find the right words so I asked God to give me the words to say to her & I heard him say, "Just give her a hug" Sometimes I think that's all we need. Someone to say I know you're hurting & Im here for you. Thats what Jesus does for us.