Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You've Got Mail

I wonder if pictures like this are going to become the reality of our society. Most of the mail I receive now is electronic, or e-mail. People communicate through their Blackberry's, cell phones, text, far more than we do the mail. Also most of the mail we receive now in the box is junk mail and advertisements. I must admit though it used to be quite a thrill to go to the box and receive a Letter. A letter with your name on it, addressed to you and from the return address you knew who sent it. I could hardly wait to open it and read something that had been written just to me. The Bible contains many letters written to us by God. The word that is used in scripture is "Epistle" but, it means letter. There are 21 of them in the New Testament. How exciting it is to pick up God's Word and read something written to me by the Creator of the Universe. Some of them are Love Letters some are letters of Encouragement, instruction, advice. Why don't you pick up the Bible today and open it to one of these letters and read what God wants to say to you right now. You've Got Mail.
I welcome your comments, thoughts and prayer requests.

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  1. Cute way to make a great point. I had been a Christian for about a couple of years before I starting reading the Bible. That decision has had a tremendous impact on my spiritual growth. I would say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I find that I really cannot read fast enough. I want to encourage others to read the Bible daily, even if you can only read 2 verses a day. That is better than nothing.