Thursday, December 4, 2008

Love One Another

John 3:16 For God so Loved the world that He gave......
Have you made your shopping list out yet? Some have already started and some won't start until December 24. It is so hard because we are trying to buy things for people who for the most part don't need anything. Well, not anything material. There are other things we can give. Some of those things are far more important than one more gift card or fruitcake. Do people really eat those? Here are some things we can give that will not only benefit the recipient but us too. Love.... make sure you let people know how much you love them. How do I do that you ask? Tell them. Call them up, go see them and tell them. Don't assume they know it. Then share some reasons why you love them. Forgiveness....the scripture is very clear that if we want to receive forgiveness we must give it to others. There may be someone this year who has really wronged you in some way. You are angry at them and with good cause. God has forgiven us so many times when we were wrong, shouldn't we do the same with others. There is someone who needs your forgiveness this year more than anything else. We are called on to Love one another. Volunteer your time, after all time is one of the greatest gifts we can give. Call and ask a soup kitchen if you can come in and work. You will receive so much more than you will give. Visit a homeless shelter, Domestic violence shelter. Many times the children in those shelters don't receive anything at Christmas. So before we go and spend money we don't have to buy presents for people who don't need them stop and consider a different sort of gift this year. For God so loved the word that He gave....Himself.

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  1. I love this thought. What local projects does the church have? Do we help any, as a whole? My personal one is domestic violence. What can we do as a group to help these women and children?