Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can You Feel It?

Growing up my father loved to fly kites and he always included my brother and I when he went. He also taught us how to make our own kites. So, when I had children I did the same thing with them. One day we were flying kites and the wind was blowing just right. I got another spool of kite string and sent the kite way out. Then I got fishing line and tied it on and the kite was so small in the distance that you could hardly see it at all, then suddenly it disappeared all together. A neighbor came out and asked me what I was doing. I said, "I am flying a kite." The neighbor looked and strained and finally said, "I can not see a kite." I explained that I had attached so much string that the kite was now out of sight completely. After a moment they asked, "How do you know it's still there?" I looked over and smiled and said,"I can still feel the pull." That is how it is with God. Many people want proof of God's existence. I have several good arguments but eventually it takes a step of faith. Personally I know He is there because, I can still feel the pull. God tries to lead me and guide my life. Give me direction and purpose. Like a Good Shepard He tries to pull me away from dangerous areas and back on to the right path. I hope you will always feel that pull in your life and thank God each time you do, and if you get a chance on a nice clear day soon why not try flying a kite with the kids. I will never forget those times with my dad.
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