Friday, January 8, 2010

Something to Consider

The Bible tells us we should pray for our leaders. I would like to encourage you to do just that since it seems they have LOST THEIR MINDS. Or maybe simply do not care about the American public anymore. Our government is proposing stricter screening and increased security and new laws to protect us from terrorists. Here is an idea...why not simply enforce the laws on the books. I am attaching a video of Muslim extremists speaking on the streets of New York. There are laws on the books that enable our government to expel anyone who is threatening harm against the United States or it's citizens in the form of violence and treason.
In addition I am against the use of taxpayer money to defend the terrorist that tried to blow up flight 253 over Detroit on Christmas Day. It appears his intent was to kill himself in order to support his beliefs; maybe we should honor his intentions.
New Jersey, and several other states, are about to pass legislation that would allow ILLEGAL Aliens to receive in-state tuition rates for College. What about legal citizens receiving the same courtesy since we are the taxpayers that support the educational institutions.

The CEOs of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have just received
Multi-million dollar bonuses for the great job they did this last year in running those two businesses. Does this not bother anyone?

Now my job as a minister is to preach the Gospel and not get involved in politics, that is my responsibility as a U.S. Citizen and, I do not want to blur the lines. So I am simply asking that you PRAY hard for these very confused, isolated, insulated, over paid, arrogant self serving elected officials. I know that very few of them read the legislation they impose on us but maybe some of them should at least take the time to read the Constitution. They are elected to Represent us and Serve the people. Maybe the American People should vote on their next pay raises instead of leaving that to them. I wonder how they would do?

In Christ,


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